Fungal Amylase

Topics: Enzyme, Amylase, Starch Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: November 17, 2010
The Effect of Temperature on Animal and Fungal Amylase’s Ability to Breakdown Starch.

This experiment was designed to test the reaction of the enzyme amylase at various temperatures. There were two different kinds of amylase being tested, one was fungal amylase also known as aspergillus oryzae and human amylase. The changes in temperature effect the rate at which an enzyme and a substrate collide. When the temperature is too high the active site changes shape or denatures, once this occurs it stops substrates from attaching themselves to their corresponding enzyme. When the temperature is too low it decreases movement, therefore preventing contact between substrates and enzymes. The various temperatures used in this experiment were 0˚C , 40˚C ,60˚C and 95˚C. As the temperature increase, the rate of reaction also increased. If the temperature is raised too high the enzyme would denature therefore not being able to break down the starch. In conclusion, the temperature predicted at which the enzyme would denature is at 95˚C. Introduction

Enzymes are catalysts responsible for increasing the rate of reactions. Amylase is a common enzyme found in the human body and is responsible for the breakdown of starch and proteins. Enzymes are an important part of our daily lives without them our metabolic processes would take extremely long. Another use of enzymes is that they can also be a form of catalytic antibodies (Kraut, 11). Enzyme activity is affected by three main factors, the main one being temperature. Temperature affects how quickly an enzyme breaks up the substrate. A substrate is the foundation to which an enzyme attaches itself.(Raven, 113) In this experiment, the factor we are testing is temperature, which is also the independent variable. If the optimal temperature is too high the active site denatures or changes shape which decreases substrate binding.(Goldina,Simms 47) In this experiment the substrate that was being used was starch. Starch...
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