Functions of Managment

Topics: Management, Navy, Leadership Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 14, 2008
The four functions of management are: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Although I had not been formally taught these functions and their respective definitions until now, I have seen these functions in action for many years. As I reflect upon my time spent in the Navy, I now recognize that our military most certainly is a perfect model for exhibiting these functions just as a successful business will be. Planning is the function in which the decisions are made about the goals and activities that a company, organization, or part of an organization, will pursue. In the Navy, operations are planned by our leaders in Washington, Fleet Admirals, and Base Commanders. These people can be easily compared to top-level management in a business environment. These people map out and set goals for the overall success of the Navy. This can include various exercises that need to be performed periodically to ensure that the naval fleet is operating at its most optimum level. In war time situations, planning is crucial in achieving the best possible strategic advantage. A plan simply isn’t enough to ensure the completion of a task. Much effort is spent organizing the plan. Organization is the function of coordinating the individual, economic, informational, and other resources needed to accomplish the goals. In a naval environment, much of this stage is carried out by the captains of ships and submarines, also known as middle managers. They are responsible for the implementation of the plan handed down to them. This will include putting the proper personnel in place to carry out orders and coordinating the safety of the crew so that the goals can be achieved in the most efficient manner. Organization is essential in the Navy, as there is a proper procedure to be followed in almost every aspect of Navy life and a deviation from a procedure can be costly to many lives. The degree of success to which a plan can be carried out may be dependent upon the...
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