Functional Health Assessment

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Health Perception/ Health Management| * Number one leading health problem in Phoenix is cancer as compared to heart disease as the leading cause nationwide * Only 1.5 million of the reported residents are not immunized * Diseases with the increased mortality rates in 2010 were: Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and homicide. * Phoenix offers a wide variety of preventative programs * 33,000 medical facilities, 42 licensed hospitals, and 2000 healthcare providers * Readiness for enhanced knowledge r/t increased incidence of diabetes aeb decrease in sedentary lifestyle * Risk for post-trauma syndrome r/t homicide deaths aeb increase in homicide deathsRecommendations: * Educate on use of sunscreen products, self-examinations, and importance of preventative health care services. * Encourage and educate on the importance of immunizations and scheduling. * Educate on the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, monitoring blood glucose levels, and insulin management. | Values and Beliefs| * Phoenix has a wide variety of ethnic groups and cultures, including: White (non-Hispanics), Hispanic/Latinos, African Americans, American Indians, and Asians. * Catholicism makes up the majority of religious beliefs. * There are many different religious adherents and congregations. * Wide variety of outdoor activities, decrease in sedentary lifestyle and show value in health promotion * Community values sports, arts and culture, sightseeing, and outdoor activities * Cost of living less than average of the United States, average income is $50,000 per year * Risk for injury r/t outdoor activities and exercise aeb decrease in sedentary lifestyleRecommendations: * Educate on safety precautions and inform about wide variety of safety programs. * Encourage continuation of active lifestyle and exercise. * Educate on adherents and congregations available to the community. * Encourage open-mindedness about religion, cultures, and beliefs.|...
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