Full Day Kindergarten

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Full Day Kindergarten; The First Step in a Long, Successful Way of Life. Vera Kuznetsova
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On September 2010 more than 600 schools across Ontario opened their doors for a new program full-day kindergarten. This project is supposed to help parents to build a better future for their children. Almost every parent has a daydream in which she or he wants to see his or her child’s success. The project of full-day kindergarten can drive this dream to a reality. This program has been approved in the USA and given a significant result; this program became very popular, according to Viadero` and Debra (2005), because it is affordable for families with low income. Today parents in Ontario are given a hope to see children more confident and succeed in their life. On the other hand, this low has the negative aspects; due this program a lot of teachers and day care’s staff have lost their jobs and the schools funds have been reduced. The provincial government invested for this program about $13, 500000 taxpayer’s dollars. The impact of full-day kindergarten project gives the new possibilities for children to increase level of knowledge, social participation and quality of life, but it takes away the school’s financial support to build up the successful educational process as a whole. And I have a question: “Is this investment worth in today’s economical situation or not?” Majority of children, who attend a full-day kindergarten, indicate a huge progress by showing great grades especially in the reading and mathematics skills. The researchers found that “children in such settings enjoy an academic edge over those in half-day programs” (Viadero & Debra, 2005). They can easily reach the high level by using extra time. ”Many educators and parents of young children believe: Children learn more in full-day kindergarten programs than they do in half-day program.”(Viadero & Debra, 2005). These children stay longer in school compared to the children, who attend half-day kindergarten, so they have extra time to practice and polish learning materials. Second, starting to study from young age has a great advantage, because at this age children have a tremendous ability to observe and absorb new information. “A seamless day of uninterrupted school gives children the time to explore, discover how things work for themselves and engage with other children.” (Song, 2010, p.U1).Combining ability observing and absorbing new information with having extra time, when the children can polish learning material they usually get good marks for their assessments and tests. Those children, according to Viodera and Debra (2005) “on average, the learning gains that pupils make in full-day programs translate to about a month of additional schooling over the course of a school year”. Having enough time is increasing chances to get better marks and keep up with studying and improving their goals. The children, who are enrolled in full day kindergarten, have very good social skills. First of all, they have to be in the big group of children from very young age. Children have to learn how make friends, build relationships, and keep them. Those children also learn how to solve big and small issues and problems; they learn how to make concessions and compromises. “Children love to learn and thrive in an atmosphere where the only concern of the adult in their day is that they are successful and feel good about themselves”. (McClean,2010).They have an opportunity learning from adult; parents and educators can collaborate and teach the children how to communicate with each other and how to manage and come up with the same decision, which was chosen by a group of children. Having some knowledge about how to communicate, solve the problems is one of the characteristic of leader. Those children can build their leadership skills, because they spend a lot of time together; so they are becoming well-know very quickly. Song(2010) in his...
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