Fuko System

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FUKO is a specially designed and patented solid core PVC Injection Hose System which is installed in concrete joints to waterproof and seal any cracks or voids in the joint area. The FUKO System seals joints watertight and offers a complete maintenance program if leakage appears in the future. When Portland Cement, Microfine Cement, or Duroseal Injection Resins are selected, the FUKO System can be used for multiple re-injections – a significant advantage over any other hose system available. The FUKO Re-Injectable Hose System is a logical step forward in improving waterstop technology. Utilizing this state-of-the-art injection system results in “zero leak tolerance.” Easy to install and reasonably priced – FUKO simplifies the job and guarantees watertight joints.

The Re-Injectable Injection Hose System

Typical Structures Utilizing FUKO
◆ Tunnels ◆ Water and waste water treatment plants ◆ Swimming pools and water amusement parks ◆ Nuclear power plants ◆ Dams, locks, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts ◆ Primary and secondary containment facilities ◆ Bridges ◆ Commercial and industrial structures ◆ Aquariums Waste water treatment plants Dams


BBZ, USA is a subsidiary of Greenstreak Group, Inc.

Phone: 800-325-9504 www.greenstreak.com www.bbzusa.com

Flexible solutions. Concrete performance.

C A L L G R E E N S T R E A K ’ S o r B B Z ’ s T E C H N I C A L S E R V I C E D E PA R T M E N T F O R A S S I S TA N C E W I T H

FUKO • Phase 1

Design Principle of FUKO
Injection channel Solid hose core made of high quality PVC. The core is capable of absorbing concrete pressure, ensuring integrity of injection channel.

Concrete Pour When the concrete is placed around the FUKO Hose, the external pressure of the concrete seats the neoprene strips, sealing off injection openings and the injection channel.

FUKO • Phase 2 Lateral, staggered injection openings to ensure uniform discharge of the injection material.

Injection The internal injection pressure compresses the neoprene strips and allows the injection material to flow out from eight longitudinal gaps. This enables a uniform discharge of the injection material over the full length of the hose.

Compressible neoprene strips in the longitudinal grooves are a unique and extremely important element of the FUKO Hose System. These strips act as valves during injection and as a seal while cleaning the tube for re-injection.

FUKO • Phase 3

Cleaning the Hose When using an approved injection material, the FUKO Hose is easily flushed clean by using water and applying vacuum pressure. The negative pressure reseats the neoprene strips, preventing injected material from being drawn back into the injection channel upon cleaning.

The Greenstreak/BBZ FUKO Injection System is the leading edge waterstop system that can guarantee a 100% watertight joint. Its patented “valve” design technology makes FUKO the only re-injectable injection hose system available today. The FUKO Injection System offers a broad range of special features and benefits:

Utilizing its patented valve design, the FUKO System can be cleaned by using water and vacuum pressure to clear the hose for future injections.

FUKO has been successfully used in the United States and worldwide. It has over 15 years of international acceptance.

FUKO • Phase 4

The FUKO System is suitable for a wide range of injection materials.

The ability to reinject FUKO provides a maintenance program to ensure a watertight joint for the life of the structure.

Ready for Future Injection FUKO Injection System is ready for re-injection if needed.

The FUKO System can be used to “water test” non-injected and injected joints for water tightness in a safe and simple manner. Merely inject the FUKO Hose with water.

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