Frustration of American Spouses

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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United States is a country with high Individualism, which is 91, in Hofstede’s five dimension theory. This cultural characteristic will made the frustration of American spouses faced larger because the spouse will think that he/she gave up their own professional career in United States and came with their spouses to this lower-developed country and he/she is the one sacrificed himself/herself to accommodate their spouses. The spouses from Japanese and European are also faced the challenges when they visited to the foreign country, but during to their lower individualism, they are less frustrated then American spouses. In my opinion, the first steps I would recommend in order to minimize the spouse's frustration is telling the spouse the truth that if they went to the foreign country with their expatriate spouses, the possibility they find a job in that country in very low during to the visa and job permit issue. This confession can make the spouse prepared for the following new life and let them figure out the new way to make some contribution to their family. Secondly, the company of expatriate should provide the help to not only their employee but also employee's spouses. When making the training to the expatriate before execute the mission aboard, the company should ask the spouse of expatriate to attend the training, too. With the training before the coupled move abroad, the spouse of expatriate can foresee the life she/he will get when they arrive the foreign country. The spouse can make herself/himself prepared for the new style of life and figure out what kind of contribution they can make to their family so they won’t felt useless in their family and boredom. The last step is the communication. The couples must communicate and express their feeling with each other very often and solve the problem and challenge they faced together. Without the communication, it’s impossible to maintain the relationship.
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