From Birth to Death

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Dana Gradney
November 18, 2012
Invitation to life span
From Birth to Death
On Friday October 30, 1987 at Moss Regional Hospital I was born Dana Elaine Gradney to Paul and Rosa Gradney in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I have three older siblings Latreza, Paulrika, and Paul II who came and seen me for the first time before going trick or treating. Once me and my mother was discharged from the hospital my daddy brought us home where we lived in Mossville, Louisiana till the age of two and then my family moved us to Zion, Illinois. In Illinois we were closer to my father’s older siblings I stayed home with my mother while my father worked and my siblings went to school. I have little memory of wearing a snow suit and playing outside with my siblings on Christmas when my brother shot his toy gun piece and it went in the fireplace. Two years later My mother was accepted into nursing school back home so we moved back to Louisiana. I then started Pre-K at Wonderland of Play where I am still friends with three of my fellow classmates today. I then started Kindergarten at Westwood Elementary in Westlake, Louisiana till the fifth grade along with playing softball and school clubs throughout the years. I had many friends’ great memories of sleepovers with family. I remember my parents waking us up saying they heard the reindeers on the roof. They use to trade boxes on our gifts so we would think it was something we didn’t ask Santa for. On my 8th birthday I met my cousin Larissa Tanner for the first time and we became best friends instantly. In 1996 my oldest sister became pregnant with my first niece. On July 8, 1997 Torreyan Kia-Latrece Gradney was born my first niece and my parents first grandchild. In 1998 I moved to Houston, Texas because my mother accepted a better nursing position. I started school at Wilson Intermediate where I met new friends, joined school clubs, had my first boyfriend, and tried out for cheerleading for the first time. My cousin came to Texas every weekend my father or my grandmother (my mother’s mother) came to visit. To keep us occupied during the summer we opened up a little store at home that sold all the junk food you could imagine. In 1999 I started school at Shotwell middle school until I was accepted to Drew academy magnet school. In 2003 my grandmother was diagnosed with pancreas cancer so we all packed up and moved back home. I continued my second semester of school at S.P. Arenett middle school where I was reunited with my friends from elementary. We helped with my grandmother as much as we could but the cancer took over on July 24, 2003 and she passed away in Moss Regional Hospital. My mother had a hard time dealing with this and being that she was the only child she had no siblings that actually knew what she was going through to help. In August of 2003 I finally hit high school where I attended school at Westlake high school where I thought I was grown and independent enough to do everything on my own, boy was I wrong. I moved with my great aunt and cousin while I took drivers education where I finally began to drive. My great aunt took in her great grandchildren after she found them home along at the age of 3 months and 3 years old Jaleshia and Kionna. After drivers education I moved back home and my cousins came home with me. My mother loved children and didn’t mind helping my auntie look after them. After my sister graduated I changed schools to Sulphur high school because we moved. This is where I learned my love to cook and work in the healthcare profession. I studied to become an Ems and I received a certificate because I exceled in my all pro cooking course. I met my best friend Susie Sonnier who I still talk to almost every day. After a year of taking care of Jaleshia her family came and took her and wouldn’t let us see her for months. Kionna went back with my auntie months before. My mother was devastated being that this was the one thing that kept her occupied after my grandmothers...
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