Topics: Developmental biology, Germ layer, Animal Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: March 6, 2013
1. What is the three-word definition of evolution?
2. What is macroevolution?
3. Who was the scientist that came up with inheritance of acquired characteristics? 4. What organisms did Darwin study that led him to the theory of natural selection? 5. What is Tiktaalik?

6. What are two tetrapod characteristics of Tiktaalik?
7. What is systematics?
8. What is this called?
9. What are synapomorphies?
10. Zygote _______ ________ _________ Growth 11. How many germ layers does a blastula have?
12. What happens during gastrulation?
13. What type of digestive structure do flatworms have?
14. What is an example of a pseudocoelomate organism?
15. What type of coelom formation goes on in protostomes? 16. Does the blastopore become the anus in protostomes or deuterstomes? 17. The neural crest develops from what germ layer?
18. The liver and pancreas come from what germ layer?
19. The skeletal muscles come from what germ layer?
20. What were the first multicellular organisms?
21. What is the advantage of having increased surface area (being multicellular)? 22. What is the function of coanocytes?
23. What is one structural element of sponges?
24. Water enters sponges through what?
25. Besides coanocytes, what helps with phagocytosis?
26. What is sponges’ connective tissue?
27. Where are the choanocytes in leuconoid canal systems? 28. Which canal system is best at filtration?
29. What type of reproduction ejects mobile larval eggs into the water? 30. What do carnivorous sponges have that others don’t? 31. How do cnidocytes work?
32. What cnidarians reproduce asexually?

1. “Descent with modification”
2. One species changing into another
3. Lamark
4. Finches
5. The transitional fossils between aquatic and tetrapod organisms 6. Ribs, mobile neck, lungs
7. The classification of organisms based on their evolutionary...
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