Fried Green Tomatoes Main Theme

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  • Published : December 15, 2013
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Film makers employ various methods of cinematography to reflect the theme of their movies. In the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, the methods of dialogue, body language, and items of the set are utilized to produce the theme of friendship. Ninny Threadgoode says, “I found out what the secret to life is: friends. Best friends.”

The theme of friendship is shown many times during the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, through dialogue between characters. As mentioned earlier, Ninny Threadgoode says, “I found out what the secret to life is: friends. Best friends.” Another example of dialogue that reveals the theme of friendship is when Ruth says, “Cuz she’s the best friend I eva had and I love her with all of my heart.” Idgie and Ruth share a special bond in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. In their case, they have a more love-filled friendship, the type where they are inseperable, and where they always have each others back in any situation. In my opinion, those are the best kinds of friendships. Friends stick together even through the worst times as shown when Mama Threadgoode says, “…And this is from the Bible, it’s from the book of Ruth. And Ruth said:”Whither thou goest, I will go. Where thou lodgest I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people.” Basically she is saying, your people are the ones you wanna stick with. They are the ones who will help you right you wrongs, and they are the ones who know what’s best for you.

This brings me to the second element that helps reveal the theme of friendship in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, which is: body language. Friendship is shown through many scenes with the help of body language such as: when Idgie decides that she is going to get her best friend and rescue her from her abusive husband no matter what the consequences were, the food fight between Idgie and Ruth at the café, and how Idgie reacts when Ruth dies. All of these reflect how deeply they loved each other as friends. If one was in trouble, the other came to the...