Frida Karlo

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  • Published : September 9, 2013
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When discussing Frida Kahlo's work it is plane to see her Mexican culture and her catholic up bringing but it also reflects her personal life with her husband and her tram accident and other events that have effected her in her life. All of these things we easily demonstrated by her diary, and her artworks with symbolism. When discussing the symbolism in Frieda’s art work the Broken Colum and the two Kahlo’s are a good example of the symbolism that she uses.

Growing up in a Mexican heritage in her time had had a big impact on her life such as when Diaz’s fall in power would have financial cuts for her family and Frida had to take up some jobs to support her family. But the most influence on a job she had had was with her fathers friend, Fernando Fernandez he was a professional print maker and had taught her how to draw. But on the 17th of September 1925,Frida had gotten onto bus and minutes later the bus had crashed into a tram. The accident injured everyone, and it had hurdled her forward into a handrail and had gone into her like a sword. Her clothes had vanished at the collision. She had suffered a whole range of injuries including: fractured collarbone, fractures to the third and forth rib, dislocation of the lest shoulder, triple fracture to the pelvis, a perforated abdomen and vagina, eleven fractures to right leg and a dislocation to the right foot. And the accident had a big impact on her and her family, her mother was in shock for a week and her farther was ill with grief the only family member she had by her side the whole time was her sister. But while she was in recovery she read the works of Li Po. On 17th of October she had left the hospital. She was still in recovery for three months but as she had not followed doctor’s orders she had suffered a relapse. And at that piont her mother had set up a special easel and her farther had given her a box of paints. Her pain that she had suffered in the accident is very prevalent in her artworks and her...
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