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Friction is necessary for walking due to the following reason, As per Newton’s third law of motion, (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) we can walk if and only if the ground we are walking on push our feet back with a force. Now, as per the third law the ground would definitely push our feet back but if we are walking on a perfectly smooth ground which has no friction our force would simply cancel out the force reverted by the ground and we would fall.

If there was no friction, your foot would simply slide back as you tried to take steps, and you would go nowhere.  In order for something to move, it has to have a force moving it. That force has to have leverage, or friction. when you walk you push the ground backward . your force is given on a large mass so the ground acceleration is negligible . now according newton third law of motion there is a reaction force which acts on less mass so you accelerate in other way you move . no if there was no friction and when you push the ground backward you would slip . friction force gives you the grip to move forward .

If you rub your hands together for several seconds, you’ll notice that your hands feel warm. That warmth is caused by a force called friction. When objects like your hands come in contact and move against each other, they produce friction. Friction happens when you overcome the resistance of one object rubbing against the other. The force of the friction is opposite in direction to the direction of the motion. If you just put your hands together, there’s no resistance, so there’s no friction produced. Rub them together and there’s friction.

Friction force results from the interactions of surfaces. Irregularities in the structure of the matters causes friction force. These irregularities can be detected in micro dimensions. You may not see any irregularity on the surface of the material however, it does exist. Friction force is always opposite to the direction of motion and...
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