French Traditions

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French Traditions
French traditions
* Beheading bottles of Champagne at weddings
* Puppet shows on Christmas eve
* Flying Bells leaving Easter Eggs
* Parades and fireworks on Bastille Day
Beheading Bottles of Champagne
A tradition that is popular at weddings is beheading bottles of champagne using a specially-made saber. The tradition originated in the time of Napoleon when the Hussards under the famous general's command began celebrating victories by swinging a sabre and thus neatly slicing the top off a champagne bottle. According to legend, the Hussards, skilled cavalry, would ride up at full gallop to one of the ladies holding up the bottle and with one swipe, behead the bottle. Christmas

Many old French traditions are related to the holiday season. Holding a puppet show on Christmas eve is very common and later at midnight, people attend church for the traditional Christmas Mass. After mass, they have a late Christmas Eve dinner, called le Réveillon (referring to the wake up or revival, alluding to the birth of Christ). Menus for this occasion change according to the region you are in but will usually consist of dishes containing turkey, capon, goose, chicken, and boudin blanc (white sausage). Children wait for Père Noël (Santa Clause) and leave their shoes out in front of the fireplace, doping presents will fill them by morning. The tree is hung with nuts and candy. Children also believe in Père Fouettard who hands out spankings for anyone who's been naughty. Easter

Called Pâques in France, this is a very important time for the French, who have a strong Christian, and especially Catholic, background. According to tradition, no church bells are rung on the Thursday before Good Friday and remain silent for several days, until on Easter Sunday, they revive. As the bells toll, the custom is for people to hug and kiss each other. Flying Bells

Children don't look for eggs left by an Easter Bunny… rather, the French believe that the Flying...
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