French Revolution

Topics: French Revolution, Estates of the realm, Louis XVI of France Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: January 6, 2013
The three causes of the french revolution' Louis XIV

France was going through an economic an economic, because King Louis was spending money that his country did not have. Although the king was selfish, he did not realize all the social, economic, and security problems in his country. The third estate was not being treated fairly in the voting system. The bread prices were unaffordable, leaving people starved. There was distrust in King Louis, because of so many rumors going around. All the problems France had would expand, until the people could no longer take it and rebel. France had three estates. The first two was the nobility and church. The third estate was the common people. Each state had one vote. First and second estate would always vote together and win 2-1. The third estate thought this was unfair, so they broke away from the estates and called themselves “The National Assembly”. They made the Tennis Court Oath, swore to never separate to create a constitution. There was a rumor that was being spread that King Louis was going to attack the National Assembly. They went to go to attack the Bastille; they killed the security, and let the prisoners out. Once again rumors spread of the king using military force to reassert his power. Women were already furious about the outrageous bread prices. The women marched on the palace of Versailles, they demanded to see the king and sent him back to Paris. If the National Assembly had not broken away, there would be no rumors spread about the king attacking them. Storming the Bastille would have not happened, which was one of the triggers for the French revolution. King Louis spent so much money, which harmed his whole country, resulting in high bread prices and the angry women marching on his palace.
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