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LV & UV GCSE French Oral Examination
Questions for Speaking

There are four broad areas of questions for the general conversation section of the oral examination. These are listed below:

1. Lifestyle
2. Leisure
3. Home and environment
4. Work and education

Amusez-vous bien et bon courage!

1. Qu’est-ce que tu aimes manger et boire?
(State what you like to eat & drink & why, mention things you don’t like to eat & drink & why, what did you eat & drink yesterday, what is your favourite food/drink & why, is it healthy.)

2. Qu’est-ce que tu fais pour rester en forme?
(Mention things you do to stay fit – what you eat & drink & how regularly, what sport/exercise you do, what you could do more of.)

3. Qu’est-ce qui n’est pas très bon pour la santé?
(Mention things which are not so healthy – e.g. smoking, alcohol, drugs, no exercise, do you do any of these things, how often, how could you be healthier.)

4. Qui fait la cuisine chez toi? Tu aimes bien cuisiner ? Tu le fais souvent? (State who normally does the cooking in your house, is the food good/healthy, how often do you cook, what can you cook, what did you make the last time you cooked, how was it?)

Relationships and Choices

1. Quel âge as-tu? Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? (State age, when your birthday is, how you celebrated your last birthday, what presents you received, what you would like to do for your next birthday.)

2. Quel genre de personne es-tu?
(Describe what you look like, what your personality is like, what you like and don’t like doing and why.)

3. Dis-moi quelque chose au sujet de ta famille.
(Talk about your brothers, sisters, parents – physical appearance, personality, what you like and don’t like doing with them and why, how well you get on with them all and why, what you did last weekend with them.)

4. Est-ce que tu as des animaux domestiques?
(Discuss what your pet is, its name, age, how well you get on with it, whether you would like another or a new pet, who looks after/feeds the pet. If you don’t have any pet, say why and whether you would like a pet and why)

5. Décris ta meilleure amie.
(Describe your best friend – physical appearance, personality, why she is your best friend, how long you have known her, what you did with her last week, how it was, what you plan to do with her next week.)

6. Décris l’homme de tes rêves !
(Describe what your dream partner would be like – physical appearance, personality, why he would be your dream partner, what is important for you in a dream partner and why.)

7. Est-ce que tu voudrais te marier et avoir des enfants à l’avenir? (State whether you would like to get married and have children in the future and why or why not. Why is marriage important to you, what type of mother and wife would you like to be.)

8. Tu touches combien d’argent de poche?
(State how much pocket money you get, from whom and how often, is this enough – why or why not, what you normally spend your pocket money on, what you bought last week, how much you save, what you are saving for, whether you would prefer to have a part-time job or simply receive pocket money, and why.)

9. Tes parents sont-ils sévères? Pourquoi (pas)?
(A continuation of discussing how you get on with your parents – state what you have to do at home, what you are allowed and not allowed to do, whether you think this is fair or not, how would you like to improve your relationship with your parents.)

Free time and the Media

1. Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire pendant ton temps libre? (Mention three things you like doing in your spare time – e.g. shopping, music, sport, cinema etc, state how often you do this and with whom, say why you like these activities, say what you like to do in good/bad weather, in summer/winter.)

2. Qu’est-ce que tu n’aimes...
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