Freemasons and Templar Knights: Comparing Two Organizations

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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The Freemasons and the Templar Knights
Bryon Hale
Com 155
Keisa Williams

The Freemasons and the Templar Knights
The Templar Knights, and the Freemasons are two well-known organizations. No matter whom you ask everyone knows something about both of these organizations. The more information that surfaces about these two organizations the more similarities between the two organizations begin to surface, and to some these similarities show that these two organizations are the same one the groups just have a different name. That of course has never been proven. The information that will be presented will compare the similarities between the two organizations. Neither the Freemasons nor the Templar Knights started out as a military force however one became just that. The Freemasons purpose is to make good men better. The Templar Knights purpose was to provide safe passage for pilgrimages to the holy city of Jerusalem. Both the Freemasons and the Templar Knights are ancient secretive societies, shrouded in mystery, and although they were separated by centuries both are very similar.

The Templar Knights, and the Freemasons are separated by 170 to 313 years. The Templar Knights were disbanded in 1312 A.D. This suggests the end of the Templars knights. It is not fully known when the Freemasons formed however based on W. Bro. Jack Buta MPS (a 32nd degree Scottish rite Mason) the free masons were formed “sometime between the death of Robert Cochrane in 1482 and the death of the Stuart King James I in 1625. There is also information that suggests the order may even be older than the Templar knights.” There are some documents that suggest that the founding fathers of the Freemasons were the builders of King Solomon’s Temple in 967 B.C. In truth it is not truly known when the Freemasons were formed.

Both the Freemasons and the Templar Knights are extremely secretive societies. Even with all of our technology and all the time that has passed all of...
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