Free Will or Determined Analyse of “Paul’s Case” Written by Willa Cather

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free will or determined
analyse of “Paul’s case” written by Willa Cather
"Paul's case"was a story written by the famous female writer/ journalist Willa Cather, the story explores the life of an idealistic young boy named Paul who hates his impoverished life. Paul strongly believes that he was meant to be born in a rich family instead of a mid-class home. He tries to escape from the impoverished environment of which he live in and only approaches either rich, or famous people .Sadly, in the end, Paul kills himself when he realizes his father is on the way to New-York to take him back home , because he finds it impossible to return to his original life after exposed to the upper-class luxuries . surely , Paul is very obsessed with money and material goods. The strange conviction that money is the key to all his trouble, the lack of connection between hard work and lustre, and finally, his self-destructive nature have all greatly contributed to the final upshot of the story. although Paul seems to be free willed and did everything to his passion , but never the less , his actions are guided by the 3 factors listed above ,which together determine the tragic ending.

Paul is a very materialistic person who is overpowered by the false belief that money can solve everything ,leading to his ultimate downfall . Notice his attitude towards the environment in which he lives in. His mockery, and despise to the hard working people and his father demonstrates his resentful feeling towards poverty and explains why he struggles to attain a rich man life. Paul mentions his room twice in the story,both times he seems to be disgusted by the “ugly yellow wallpaper”, “the painted wooden bed and the pictures of George Washington and John Calvinand”. Latter on, Paul uses his room as a contrast to bring out the beauty of the luxury hotel room. Obviously,he enjoys living in the hotel so much to the point that not only he has to feel the warmth of the “hotel” bad when he's...
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