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Name:_________________________________________________________________ Test yourself
A. answer the following by writing the words on the blanks provided for.

1. What do you call the large number of sensitive nerve ending _______ 2. What results when one loses his/her sense of smell? _______ 3. How do you describe the smell of varnish ______, burnt leaves _____, mustard _____, and roses _______? 4. Why do people collecting garbage not show annoyance anymore to the dirt and smell _____ 5. Where us the sense of smell located? ________

B. True/False. Encircle T if the statement is correct and F if it is incorrect. T F 1. Generally when one loses his/her sense of smell, he/she also loses the sense of taste. T F 2. The sense receptor is situated at the tip of the tongue. T F 3. We taste the food more when it is swallowed directly without chewing T F 4. Coffee drinkers enjoy the taste more when it is streaming hot T F 5. One who is perceptive finds the taste of lemon and sugar no longer enjoyable. T F 6. The sense of smell is located at the lower part of the nasal cavity. T F 7. Hypogea is usually accompanied by anosmia. T F 8. Smell is a distant cue of the presence of objects before a person has an actual contact with. T F 9. Tastes are located in the taste buds which are evenly distributed. T F 10. The receptors are sensitive to gaseous elements. A. B.

1. Olfactory Bulbs1. T6.F
2. Anosmia2.F7.T
3. Resinous,Smoky,Spicy, Flowery3.F8.T
4. Adaptation4.T9.F
5. Olfactory region5.T10.F
Name:_________________________________________________________________ Test yourself
A. Identification. Write the word referred ton on the blank before each number. _________1. These areas are sensitive to touch and pressure. _________2. Which receptors are found in the muscles, tendons and joints? _________3. This is sensitive to pain when pricked.

_________4. It is the proprioceptors responsible for posture and movement _________5. The part of the legs that are sensitive to cold. B. Completion. Fill in the blanks with the best answers to make the sentences complete. 1. the skin is composed of different layers which are the _____ or outer layer, _____ or middle layer and ______ or the deep layer. 2. _________ , ________, and ________ are the kinesthetic receptors. 3. if the skin feels an object the sensation is aroused is _______ and if an object is pressed firmly against the sensation aroused is ________. 4. pain and pressure are referred to as _________ experiences. 5. warm and cold are _________ experiences.

A. B.
1. Skin1. Epidermis, Dermis, Adipose Tissue
2. Kinesthetic Receptors2.Muscles, Tendons and Joints
3. Skin Tissue3.Touch, Pressure
4. Kinesthetic Receptors4.Tactual
5. Calf5.Thermal

Name:_________________________________________________________________ Test yourself
A. Multiple choice. Encircle the letters of the correct answers. 1. The nervous system is composed of two main parts.
a. CNS and PNS.
b. Cerebral cortex and cerebrum
c. Cerebral cortex and cerebellum
2. This is the part of the brain that holds the seat of higher mental process. a. cerebrumb. cerebral cortexc. hypothalamus
3. it serves as the relay station for sensory impulses to the cerebral cortex.
a. medulla oblongatab. ponsc. thalamus
4. it is a large rope-like segment of nerve tissue.
a. brainb. peripheralc. spinal cord
5. this is the connecting link between the brain and spinal cord.
a. hypothalamusb. cerebellumc. medulla oblongata
6.the largest of the brain mass is
a. cerebrumb. cerebral cortexc. cerebellum
7. muscles that cannot move at will.
a. cardiac muscleb. voluntary musclesc. involuntary...
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