Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay

Topics: White people, Psychology, Black people Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay
Nneoma Okeoma
Sept. 28, 2011

Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X Comparison Essay
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Can one think undergoing suffrage of unjust slavery and being held in a penitentiary be compared? In the excerpt of Frederick Douglass (Learning to Read and Write) and in Malcolm X (Learning to Read): both dealt with the oppression that the white race as brought to them. Douglass lists the ways which he learns how to read and write. He discusses how everyone is vulnerable to corruption under slavery. In the excerpt of Malcolm he tells the reader how he first started reading and he describes how the white man has always had the upper-hand when it comes to non-white people. Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X both uses different yet similar elements of style such as tone/attitude, organization, and subject matter. In both excerpts the tone/attitude is noticeable throughout the whole story. It was evident due their circumstances. In Learning to Read and Write it states, “I will be a slave for life!” one can understand how emotional he is. In Malcolm X’s he proclaims, “Who in the world has played a worse “skin game” than the white man?” one can tell that he is also emotional. Contrasting details are that Douglass was more reserved with his hatred towards whites while Malcolm was bitter and held resentment en route to whites. They were both emotional because they were in complicated positions. Douglass felt the oppression firsthand because of slavery, meanwhile Malcolm accumulated the year white races had been treating non-whites. These two authors had more resemblance than one would think but yet the way they put it on paper is different. The organization of both texts is very clear. Both of these authors use descriptive process analysis on ways they learned how to read/write. While on the other hand Malcolm used cause and effect while Douglass used exemplification. Both writers went into detail when...
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