Freaks and Geeks Paragraph

Topics: Emotion, Freaks and Geeks, Paul Feig Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Lights, Camera, Music, Action
A filmmaker needs to work extremely hard to create a piece with a strong story line, characterization, twists and a stupendous ending. How are these elements portrayed? Through the elements of media of course. In the pilot episode of “Freaks and Geeks,” it is undeniable that the use of lighting, music and camera manipulation are utilized to create pathos between the characters and the audience. Music evidently plays a grand part of setting the tone and emotion in a scene whether it is to heighten suspense, set a romantic mood or pick up the pace for an action scene. Prior to the ambush of the school bully Alan in the episode of “Freaks and Geeks,” the music slowed into a dramatic melody with heroic lyrics and an altogether “we are going into battle,” feel. This use of music is highly effective in relaying the sense of finality to the viewers, the geeks are finally going to stand up to the bully. It gives everything a battle-ready atmosphere which is perfect for the before-the-fight mood. Furthermore, the use of different camera angles and distances plays a large part in creating sympathy or empathy between the viewer and character as seen when Sam struggles to ask his crush, Cindy out for the Homecoming Dance. The close-up on his face is used to allow viewers to clearly see the hesitancy in his gaze, the nervous way he bites his lip and the internal struggle to find courage and pursue his dream. Without being able to truly see his emotions, viewers would likely be less empathetic towards his cause and not root for him as strongly had the camera been so far as to not being able to see his face. Lastly, another important aspect of media elements that was used frequently throughout the episode is lighting. During the scene where Lindsay’s in Nick’s garage, the lights are dim and soft and the romantic, deep atmosphere is created. It was during this scene where Nick tells Lindsay about his dreams and his passion for drumming, the...
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