Fraud and Abuse

Topics: Identity theft, Theft, Larceny Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: April 29, 2013
LaPreaa Vann
March 25, 2013
“To Catch a Thief”

The article “To Catch A Thief” is written to inform individuals about the different down falls of being a victim of identity theft. Experts believe that medical identity theft is increasing and now with all new technology it is hard to detect the costs of thieves. Taking people’s medical identity does not just affect that person it has a huge effect on the health care billing system. They are charged millions of dollars because of an incident. Studies show that ninety six percent of hospitals reported one data breach in two years. This shows that the average cost of data breaches rose and will continue to rise depending on how many theft incidents will occur in a time period. Data breaches also roll over into hospitals, which means it will run them around twelve billion dollars.

The medical industries are not well up dated on detecting and preventing identity theft. Which is not a good thing; they should have the ability to be informed on what is going on with patient’s medical records. They are held responsible and no one will trust them if the rates of medical identity theft continue to rise. It is very costly to everybody and the costs are not affordable at all. There are different types of medical thefts, such as the ones that steal identities to get a hold to the use of prescription provided drugs. The thief can do a lot with those prescriptions such as sell them and or use them to a deadly extent. This is an extreme problem if a person is not prescribed to a certain drug that cannot be store bought they should not have any contact or hold to them period. That’s taking away from the patients who really are in need of the medicine. Usually if this kind of incident happens then the nine times out of ten the victim knows the thief. Any kind of medical theft is facing fraud. There are many other consequences they have to face at different ranges. In all they could be caught and held accountable for the...
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