Fraternity: High School and Different Fraternities

Topics: High school, Scientific method, Methodology Pages: 2 (273 words) Published: January 15, 2013

The thesis entitled The Study on Different Fraternities in the Philippines, Aimed to answer the following questions;

1. Why do an individual involve himself/herself to an organization? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a member in a certain fraternity group? 3. What are the different fraternities groups here in the Philippines?


This study is important because it will tackle one of the most controversial topics in our country today, fraternity and different fraternity groups. It is also significant today because it will enlighten the young students like me to know what fraternity is and how does it affect an individual.


This chapter covers the methods and procedures done to determine the different fraternities in the Philippines and its advantages and disadvantages to those people who are joining a fraternity.

Research Method
The study utilized the comparative survey method. This method addressed the knowledge of the people about different fraternities in the Philippines among the High School students in Shalom Learning Center Inc.

Respondents of the Study
The respondents of the study were limited among the High School students in Shalom Learning Center Inc. The 1st year class consists of 22 students, the 2nd year class consists of 8 students, the 3rd year class consists of 16 students and the 4th year class with 4 students. The total number of the respondents covered was 50 students.

Research Instrument
The study utilized a self-made questionnaire among High School students where as it contained queries about their knowledge of fraternities and how they react on different aspects involving it.
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