Franklin Delano Roosevelt and His Allies

Topics: World War II, Soviet Union, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: March 21, 2013
FDR Research Notes

* The Jews Standpoint
* The Debates never end to the reasoning of why the 6 million Jews were not saved by the US Government * The Jews had already taken heavy fire, and now their voice cannot be heard * In 1942, as details of Hitler’s Final Solution reached the Allies, it was difficult for the public and many government officials to grasp the extent and significance of the Nazis’ systematic, mechanized killing. * On December 17th, 1942, the US joined 10 other Allied governments in issuing a solemn public declaration condemning Nazi Germany’s “bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination” of the Jews. * Franklin Delano Roosevelt t believed that the surest way to stop the killing of innocent civilians was to defeat Hitler’s Germany as quickly and decisively as possible. * Assessment of Roosevelt’s role during the Holocaust is made difficult by the relative lack of communication. * Roosevelt and Churchill chose not to single out German mistreatment and mass murder of the European Jews as a key focus of the conflict, preferring to refer in general to the aim of ending the mistreatment and murder of civilians under Axis rule. * From the American Standpoint

* Most Americans at this time were clueless about World War II due to the Government’s president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, by our 32nd president not informing us on many things, may have just had prevented the 2nd Civil War in history * The President did not also inform many government officials due to the germination of the news at the time. * The President also had many in-depth conversations with the British Prime Minister to make sure that the Allies can certainly win this war. * The President is also reminded by the British Prime Minister to not forget the lives that were lost during this World War and also to save the rest * Once the World War was finally making some progress with the 101st Airborne, the...
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