Frankenstein Revenge

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Yesenia Cruz
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December 10, 2012

Mary Shelly develops the theme of revenge in the story Frankenstein. The monster begins his life with a warm and open heart, but after he is abandoned and mistreated by Victor, his creator and the De Lacey family, who was his neighbor in the woods, then he turns into revenge. The monsters actions are understandable; he has been hurt by the unfair rejection from the humanity that cannot see prejudices, and in turn wants to hurt those who hurt him. Frankenstein also wants revenge on his creator for bringing him life, he is mad that his creator converted him into a monster. Frankenstein was abandon and mistreated by victor and the De Lacey family because of his appearance. From that day he was mad that he was converted into a monster because everyone treated him like a monster. “Hateful day when I received life, accursed creator!”- Pg 126. In this text, he is cursing his creator for creating him; he was also isolated from the human society. He has the right to act this way because

First, it ensures that it will never be accepted in human society. Second, because by taking revenge the monster eliminates any hope of ever joining human society, which is what it really wants, revenge becomes the only thing it has. As the monster puts it, revenge became “dearer than light or food.” Revenge does not just consume the monster, however. It also consumes Victor, the victim of the monster’s revenge. After the monster murders Victor’s relatives, Victor vows a “great and signal revenge on [the monster’s] cursed head.” In a sense then, the very human desire for revenge transforms both Victor and the monster into true monsters that have no feelings or desires beyond destroying their foe. The monster frames Justine for her brother's death. The monster killed Justine's brother, William, because of his relation to Victor Frankenstein, whom he wants revenge against for creating such a horrible wretch such as himself. The...
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