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In this case studies , the bsuiness modal that Boost Juice Bars using is franchise model,and the answer is YES, beacause this type of business modal can survive in our country and grow very well and become stronger and stedy compare with other model of business. There are few example that running very well in our country,First is Daily Fresh Food which is involve in F&B sector, there are 1,099 outlet in our country and the total revenue is RM 18,998,254 per anual.The second company is Smart reader Worldwide which is involve in eduction and training sector, there are 445 outlet , the revenue of this company is RM17,533,690. Another company was secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe ,it has 223 outlet and the anual revenue of this company was RM 202,164,594 . The franchise industry is expected to contribute RM22.5bil or about 2.6% to the Malaysian gross domestic product (GDP) this year. This reflects a rather small jump from last year's contribution of 2.5% or RM21.48bil to the GDP.According to Malaysian Franchise Association chairman Abdul Malik Abdullah, he said that the government focus on increasing awareness on the potential of franchising has already being aggressively implemented since last year.

There are alot of health foods and drinks in the market,such as Marigold peelfresh, bliss yogurt from Nestle company however Boost Juice Bars best selling product was 'low-fat smoothies','Wheatgrass shooter' ,'fruity crushes', and so on. compare with others health drinks , boost juice bars healthy juices and smoothies were free of preservatives, artificial flavours and colour.In the market consumer whom care about their health,they will more prefer on boost juice bars, compare by others health fruits juices that produce by factory which is presevatives and artificial flavours added. And this is the selling point of Boost Juices Bars so that it will not vulnerable substituit by other health foods and drinks....
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