France Dbq

Topics: Julian calendar, National Convention, Gregorian calendar Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: February 11, 2013
With France going through a new time period they needed a new calendar to go with it; the calendar was meant to lengthen the week, shorten rest days, and removed some religious days-you also have the people who hated and loved the calendar, favored it and opposed it. The calendar wasn’t accepted by everyone at the beginning, some believed it was a bad idea and that it would not end well, while some loved the idea entirely and believed that it was a new start. The calendar was adopted by the national convention to replace the Gregorian calendar. This was meant to shorten religious days and have more secular days, to lengthen up the days of the week and shorten rest days. Some people liked it while others didn’t. In document 1 the peasants loved the idea of the new calendar. Even though they had to work more, he was more concerned with keeping the religious days holy. But in document 3 Abbe despises the idea of the new calendar. He is saying that the calendar should just stay the same and that it shouldn’t change because this isn’t the right time for a new calendar because of what they were going through at the moment. Document 4 shows that this person highly favored the upcoming new calendar. Expressing that he favored this idea of a new calendar, he drew some one the seasons himself to show his take on the idea. People believed that the calendar showed the positivity of French government. Document 5 shows that this man strongly favored this new character because in his opinion France was moving forward. Document 6 is a letter to the National Convention saying that because they love the new calendar so much, that they will rejoice of this new day, the 10th day, and is thankful of this new calendar. Then in document 9 you have Francois-Sebastien saying that some of the citizens are rejecting the calendar, mostly the peasants, because they will have longer work days, while other praise the idea of shorter rest days because they can get more work done. But with him...
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