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Narmin Hasanova


Sting is a composer that writes songs about what truly matter in the world. He writes a lot of music that is touching to the heart and that speaks to an audience on a personal level. “Fragile” is a song that has meaning to it, it’s a song biography, and it’s a song that talks about an actual event that happened in real life. Fragile is a sincere song. It speaks to people and expresses the emotion’s felt during a loss of a person. The song uses repetition, personification, and imagery, this conveys to the tone of grieving and sympathetic.

Sting uses’ reputational phrases throughout the song. He is getting the point that everyone is fragile, no matter how much a bad hearted person doesn’t want to believe it. He uses the phrases “That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could/For all those born beneath an angry star/Lest we forget how fragile we are” (Sting 7-9) with that line Sting is saying that violence doesn’t lead to anything and that we are all born nice unless someone is born under an evil star, people only forget about that because they fear of how fragile the human race really is. “Fragile” represents the value of life. Sting talks about how taking a mans life, especially a man who wanted to change the world. In the verse “For all those born beneath an angry star” (Sting 8) Sting personifies a star into a mad human like creature who has evil values and wants to harm people anybody around them who have moral values. “Perhaps this final act was meant/ To clinch a lifetime’s argument/ That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could” (Sting 5-7) That represents how he is trying to put that image into the listeners head, the image being of a violent event occurring and how this violent event shows that nothing ever comes from violence and that nothing ever could, and to learn a lesson from this and stop all the bloodshed around the world. An “evil star” caused violence once and that shouldn’t have been...
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