Foundation of Technology

Topics: Robotics, Swarm robotics, Human body Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Foundation of Technology

Microbots are small robots that can help humanity in many ways for example they help humankind in the advancement of technology .Microbots can cause a threat to humanity in many ways but this can be prevented if enough of research is done before creating a microbot .If one robot is created wrong or if something goes wrong then that one robot can cause the rest of the robots to go crazy and take over and possibly cause a big threat to mankind .Scientists have figured out a way to remotely steer teeny, tiny robots that swim under their own power when placed in a fluctuating electric field — a breakthrough on the path to eventually using such machines for tasks such as delivering drugs and vaccines inside our bodies .It is very important to do everything and research carefully so nothing would go wrong .I personally don’t believe that it is a good idea to create such a robot because there will always be a default where things would go wrong .Microbots might help mankind but at the same time it may become the biggest threat to mankind .Microbots can help mankind in a way by creating then small enough to go into the human body to cure a serious disease that man its self-can’t get to .Scientist have researched and created microbots to go into the body but before they create another one more advanced they should research more and come up with every possible way to shut down the microbots in case something goes wrong .Researchers in labs around are designing a microbot that once injected into the eye, can stay for months delivering a therapeutic to block blood vessel growth that causes the disease .Imagine a future where our bodies contain a variety of tiny robots, keeping us healthy from the inside the world are working on incredibly small devices that can work inside us, to help fight disease . If someone seemed to be getting a...
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