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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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There are three discussion topics for Week 1.
Topic 1: Compare brick-n-mortar and click-n-mortar organizations. Give an example of each in your comparison. The brick-n-mortar organization is a company that has physical presence and offers face-to-face customer experiences, in other words, any traditional business that has a building, office or store for its operations. For example, Marshalls, which has different store locations in the U.S. and a website, but products are not sell online. Click-n-mortar organization is a company that uses both online and offline operations. Like the brick-n-mortar organization it has a physical location that offers traditional face-to-face customer experience, but also has a website to offer the customer online transactions. For example: Barnes & Noble. This company provides its products and services in both a physical and an online store. Topic 2: Why is distance learning considered EC? Explain, and provide 2 - 3 examples of institutions that provide distance learning programs. According to Becker (2008) electronic commerce “refers to the transaction of goods and services through electronic communications.” Since education is a service industry, distance learning can be considered EC. For example, City University of Seattle and CETYS University provide this type of learning programs. Topic 3: Read about MySpace by visiting the following web sites:,, and Chose one of the following questions to discuss:

1. Why does MySpace attract so many visitors? Explain.
MySpace offers many features to its members. By using all these tools, they can share information and interact with other member from the other side of the world, and since it is a worldwide network, the interactions become more diverse. 2. List and discuss the major issues faced by the company.

3. What are the benefits to MySpace...
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