Forty Hours of Community Service

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Amir Mayo
Keystone Assignment
Forty Hours Of Community Service
February 20, 2013

Should students complete forty hours of community service before they graduate? That’s a very good question, so should they? I think they should for many reasons. One I think it will be a good experience to interact with the community. Two it teaches people that not all good deeds have to be paid for. Lastly those forty hours from every student can be calculated all together and can help get the school recognized as a school that helps others and cares about the community.

Interacting with the community would be good for many reasons. One they can help clean up the streets and parks by picking up trash and keeping them clean. But while they are picking up the trash they can also recycle cans, paper, plastic etc. They also can work with less fortunate children and keep their hopes up and make them feel safe with their community. These ideas not only help the community but they also bring people closer together and shows them that their community can be better if they take sixty minutes out of every day to clean up or do something productive. This why I think interacting with the community would be good.

Doing community service also teaches people that they can do things for the community or other without getting paid any cash. Everyone likes money and everyone wants to get paid a lot of money, but why should you have to get paid for everything you do? I personally think it’s not hard to take one day out of your week to work for free. Our community is what makes our citizens proud and think of all the senior citizens and veterans that will be proud that the area they live in or grew up at is a better place today. It will feel good doing something good for the community without a reward because you wanted to do it at your own time.

Think of all the credit and rewards your school can get from doing community service. Your school will not only be credited for help the...
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