Fort Duquesne

Topics: French and Indian War, Great Britain in the Seven Years War, James Wolfe Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: January 31, 2013
It was back in July or 175 at Fort Duquesne. I was a soldier in the English army led by General Edward Braddock. As we marched through the forest in our uniform the flag I was carrying fluttered in the wind. As we continued along, something didn’t feel right. I felted as if I was being watched. I marched towards the general. ‘’Sir ‘’ I said “I think we are being watched.” No more than 10 seconds after I finished speaking, it happened. The French and Indians sprung a surprise attack on us .They were hiding behind trees shooting back ,our bullets hit the trees more than people .I didn’t have the authority to lead us strength safety , so I went to George Washington. I told him we had no chance in winning the battle and we should we return to safety .Washington took my advice and lead the survivors on a retreat to safety. I felt Tragic about how we lost. After the defeat in Fort Duquesne, William Pitt became the leader of the English government. Pitt was determine to win the war and sent more troops and younger, better commanders into battle. We were all thankful that Pitt spent more money on guns and ammunition with our more advanced weapons.

We Started to win more and more battles as we headed towards the city of Quebec General James Wolfe decided our next move in the war was to attack Quebec .Wolfe sent myself and 7 others on a mission to find a way into Quebec . We searched for a quite sometimes before we came along a path that lead to the cliffs Quebec was located on. We hurried back to the general and told him of our findings. He commanded me to lead the army to this path. On the right of September 12-13 1759 I led the troops up the path. When the French woke up we had positioned ourselves on the Plains of Abraham outside the city. The French Started to fire but too quickly, General told us to shoot until we were closer to me French. We griped our swords and then charged. After we fought for 15 minutes the French...
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