Forgiveness Is the Best Human Quality

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EXAMINER TIPS for OL Mathematics 4024
General Advice

Know what to expect in the examination. Any of the syllabus content can appear on either paper 1 or paper 2 – they aim to cover the content between them. Here are the differences between the two papers:

Paper 1
Has about 25 short questions in it, so it tests many topics. •

You answer on the question paper
You are not allowed to use a calculator in paper 1
This paper has 80 marks and lasts for 2 hours

Paper 2
Has 11 longer questions. You have to do 10 of them.

In section A, you have to do all of the 6 questions
In section B, there is a choice – you have to do 4 of the 5 questions, so you can choose which question to leave out
You answer this paper on lined answer paper, with graph questions done on graph paper You need a calculator (or logarithm tables) for paper 2
This paper has 100 marks and lasts for 2 ½ hours

Write in dark blue or black pen. This helps examiners to see your work clearly. Don’t use red or green pen at all, since these are colours that examiners use when marking. Use a pencil for constructions, diagrams and graphs

If you get the answer to a question wrong, you can earn part marks for some correct method, if the question earns more than one mark. So always show enough working to make your methods clear. The syllabus warns that omission of essential working will result in loss of marks.

Make sure you have your compasses, ruler and protractor with you for both examinations. Have a sharp pencil for accurate drawings of graphs and constructions.

In construction questions, if you are told to use a ruler and compasses only, then evidence that you have done so (construction arcs) are necessary to earn all the marks, for instance when constructing a triangle given the length of all three sides.

Look carefully at the scales when you are reading off a graph or plotting points.

When you draw a graph, take care to plot points accurately. If it is a straight line graph, use a ruler to join the points. If it is a curve, aim for a single, smooth curve through the points. If one point spoils the shape of a graph, go back and check that point – don’t try to make the graph fit a peculiar point!

Remember to round non-exact answers to the accuracy stated on the front of the question paper – 3 significant figures unless the question says otherwise. That means you need to use 4 or 5 figures in your working, if you use the answers to stages in your working. For money questions, you need to give the answers correct to 2 decimal places. For angles found from trigonometry, the answer is expected correct to 1 decimal place. In many questions, a range of answers is given credit, so that if you forget to round, you do not keep on losing marks.

Keep an eye on the time and don’t spend too long on one question on your first working through. Question papers are designed to give you time to answer the questions and check your work.

When you are settling down at the beginning of an exam, it is easy to make errors in simple questions, so pay particular attention to the first few questions when you check through your working in any spare time at the end of an exam.

When you work through questions again, check your answers by using some different methods.

Be careful with questions about time.
a. If using the 24 hour clock, you cannot give an answer such as 2405 – this should be 0005.
b. If using the 12 hour clock, you need to include am or pm in your answer. c. Remember that there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour, so if you get an answer such as 1.35 minutes, this is not 1 minute 35 seconds, but 1 minute 21 seconds, since 0.35 × 60 = 21.

Take care when writing or working out expressions with fractions, using numbers or letters.

is not the same as 8 + . Remember that you can use brackets (8+4)/2. 2
When writing a...
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