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Honors Biology
January 21, 2013

Forensic Science

In today’s age of technology, there are many advanced techniques detectives use to get to the root of a crime. Forensic anthropology and other sciences are key to finding the true cause of a person’s death. Without forensics, solving crimes would be very difficult because of the lack of evidence from various sources. Some biologists are specially trained and educated in molecular biology and can study a person’s DNA (Ferlini 17). Identifying the deceased is one of the key components in forensics and forensic odontologists play a major role in the crime scene process. Forensic science had changed the world of the better because of its part in crime investigations, it has made such a big impact on our society, and this technology will do nothing but advance in the future.

Forensics can be used anywhere in the world. This holds true because crimes occur everywhere. When crimes happen, questions must be asked to lead to conclusions. Forensic scientists can answer the many questions and patch the holes in a case by studying a deceased human. Scientists can use various identification methods to figure out the age, gender, race, and health condition of a human by just looking at their bones (Ferlini 33). When these specially trained scientists have a biological profile complete, Cox says “its characteristics are compared to the alleged suspects and victims” (Cox, par. 4-6).

Forensic scientists work hand in hand with the police so together, they can figure out more about the person they are looking or searching for. When anthropologist sees various traits in the human bone, these clues can be used to identify a person (Innes 72). This is also where the police can use the data gathered by the anthropologist and look up medical records to see if the two puzzle pieces combine and make a match. There are various different scientist associated with forensics and that is anthropology, archeology, odontology,...
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