Forensic Science Investigating a Crime Scene

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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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Forensic Science
Level 3
Assignment 2
Unit 2

Lisa Ashton

Unit 2
Task 12
Investigating a crime scene.
When investigating a crime scene before touching anything investigators must document and photograph everything, investigate all doors, windows, ect of any evidence of how offender got in and out of the crime scene, investigate every inch of the crime scene for blood, fingerprints, footprints, weapons, bullet holes, shell casings etc. and anything that looks out of place. Once this is done investigators can then collect any evidence using the right equipment. Preserving the crime scene and evidence.

When arriving at a crime scene investigators must wear protective clothing, gloves and shoe covers they must use a single path when entering the crime scene to avoid disturbing any evidence that could be useful a physical barrier must be put up to keep out unauthorized personnel. All personnel must avoid using any facilities available at the crime scene phone, toilet, etc. and must avoid moving anything or anybody until it is safe to do so. If anything or anybody is moved it must be documented. Investigators and other personnel must refrain from eating, drinking and smoking when at a crime scene. When preserving evidence it must be photographed before collected. Evidence must be placed in correctly labelled individual bags or containers. Task 13

It is important for all personnel on the crime scene to have written procedures to help throughout the investigation. It will help to jog the memory if details are forgotten; it will help in court to explain the details of the crime. If an investigator is leaving or coming into the crime scene it will help in explaining what has been discovered or how and why the crime has happened. Having written documents, photographs, sketches etc. will help investigators look back on the crime scene to go over everything to make sure nothing has been missed out. It is important for all personnel to...
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