Forensic Photography

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Being a Forensic Photographer
Jamie Wright
Everest Online University

Becoming a Forensic Photographer

Have you ever wondered about the people behind the crime scenes, you know the ones taking the pictures of all the evidence and victims? A Forensic Photographer plays a very important role at a crime scene. They play an important part at the crime scene; they are there to capture the crime scene through the eyes of a lens. Then later that vision could be used as evidence, could hold a clue to the crime that was missed at first glance, as well as testify in court to testify to try and help convict a suspect. This all played a big role in me wanting to become a Forensic Photographer, behind the scenes but plays a bigger role than most assume.

Photographing the evidence at a crime scene can prove invaluable to your case. You are not trying to prove guilt or innocence, that’s a jury’s job. But if you do your job well and provide a clear, thorough document of the evidence at the scene, then the jury can see exactly what you saw and can use that evidence to do their job well. The goal of a forensic photographer is to provide the most inclusive record possible of every crime scene and the evidence found there. You want a jury to see the crime through your eyes, through the eyes of a camera. You can always take an additional look if you think you have over looked or forgot something. (Iowa)

Forensic Photography has been around nearly as long as the photograph itself, the field continues to grow and change. Forensic Photography provides investigators, witnesses, and the victims and in the end the jury with a spot-on picture of the crime scene, and it is truly a vital job in today’s dangerous world. A circumstantual evidence has been known to be the reason a crime was solved because a camera can pick up maybe what the investigators have over looked. Not only is the photographs used as evidence but...
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