Forensic Hair Experiment

Topics: Brown, Hair, Long hair Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: November 20, 2011

1248 A Chinese book, Hsi Duan Yu (the washing away of wrongs), contains a description of how to distinguish drowning from strangulation. This was the first recorded application of medical knowledge to the solution of crime.

Since 1248 forensic science has evolved through the introduction of modern technology and knowledge on certain events. In modern times the perfect crime is almost impossible to commit as a direct result of hair fibres. In order to commit a perfect crime every hair fibre would have to be removed (Mr Sanchez, 2011). This essay explores the importance of hair fibres in forensic science and strives to grasp concepts of such a field. Aim

The aim of this investigation was to closely examine three different hair types and reflect on the similarities and the differentiating features. An experiment Materials * Microscope
* Hair samples (Guinea Pig, Human and Dog)
* Slides
* Sticky Tape
* Tweezers
1) Set-up the microscope on a flat bench with appropriate materials applied within the area (Slides and Tweezers). 2) Take an individual piece of sticky tape and apply the tip of the sticky end to the bench. (Make sure the sticky tape is easy accessible as it will be shortly needed) 3) The strands of hair should be located in a bunch, use tweezers to extract several strands of an exact animal type (Example Guinea Pig). 4) Place the hair strands onto the sticky end of the tape. 5) Take the tape and place the sticky side onto the slide. 6) Take the slide and place it under the microscope.

7) Observe the details of the hair sample and distinguish any similarities or differentiating features. 8) Repeat 2-7 until three hair samples have been observed and recorded down. Results

Human Hair

The human hair had significant detail throughout the whole strand. On the outer rim of the strand, the texture was very smooth and precisely straight....
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