Foreign Exchange Rate

Topics: Mobile phone, Naval State University, Cellular network Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: March 10, 2013

Significance of the study

This study is significant in such away, freshmen criminology students of Naval State University would learn and be corrected the part in which improper practices and wrong doing about the usability of cell phone. Students of naval State University particularly taking up Bachelor of Science in Criminology would possess great knowledge, guidance and additional awareness trough this research. This proposed study is beneficiary among freshmen criminology student of Naval State University since this research share great knowledge that are useful in any events and whatever cases, situations may come so that freshmen criminology students of Naval State University would be able to respond correctly on that particular situation. And also this course study helps this course as future profession of freshmen criminology student of Naval State University in whatever agency installation, companies may issued in conducting search, investigation and in any purposes which this study can help.

Thus, this research contribute much advantages among freshmen criminology students of Naval State University and hopefully those gathered ideas and explanations concerning the usability of cell phone among freshmen student or even other students in any course in Naval State University would also cooperate for the goodness and a change for the better of this school where students start building the good foundation of future profession in life.

This research study conducted by the freshmen was a proposed study all about employing cellular phone or commonly known as cell phone. This relevance role of cell phone to the public, can professional citizens, students and even to parents as long as they avail there selves of using cell phone. This time in order to distinguished and identified some reasons and proven thoughts with regards to the advantages and disadvantages, benefits and effect of cell phone exploit.

With this study...
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