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Topics: International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Bretton Woods system Pages: 15 (3837 words) Published: January 21, 2011
EMBA Program
Department of Banking
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka


Date of Submission: 22 March, 2009


“International monetary fund”

For the Course
Foreign Exchange
Course No. CB-……

Prepared for
Md. Salim
Asstt. General Manager
BASIC Bank Limited
Babu bazaar Br. Dhaka

Prepared By

Shanto Ahmed

ID: 50814056

Letter of Transmittal

March 22, 2009

Md. Salim

Asstt. General Manager
BASIC Bank Limited
Babu bazaar Br. Dhaka

Dear Sir,

As instructed and part of our academic program under EMBA, I do hereby submit our report on ‘Life skeleton of Successful entrepreneur’ for your kind review and necessary reference. While preparing this report, I tried my best to follow the guidelines you have given and also have gathered some practical experience. I hope that this report will meet your expectation.

I have engaged our intense efforts to bring out this study report with the target of achieving perfection but I am in a little doubt how far I have attained it.

It was a great pleasure for me to work on this report. I shall be glad to furnish you with any explanation, if necessary.

I shall be highly obliged if you kindly accept our report.

Sincerely yours,

Shanto Ahmed

ID: 50814056


It give me much pleasure to recall with cordial reverence and deepest of gratitude the indispensable guidance, constant encouragement and unparallel stimulation that influenced untiring efforts. Sympathetic advice and invaluable suggestions of our respectable teacher Md. Salim from whom I were highly benefited throughout the progress of this study work.

Shanto Ahmed

ID: 50814056

Date: December 19, 2008

Executive Summery

Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that has resisted attempts to establish a clear definition. A focus on organizational structures and/or what constitutes a worthy social cause has created a diverse set of terminology. Observing the positive social impact of entrepreneurs catering to basic needs, this paper recognizes their unique role in efficiently contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals. From this perspective, the term social can be much better defined. The frameworks proposed in this paper should guide much-needed further research and facilitate decision making about more focused support from a financial as well as a learning perspective.

In management literature, the issue of entrepreneurship is a relatively new and fast-growing topic. The study focuses on the issue of entrepreneurs' in Bangladesh with the help of case studies on Persona. Their biographies and entrepreneurial journeys were analyzed and compared with those of the so called ‘traditional' business/economic entrepreneurs. It was found that though Kaniz Almas Khan vary in her biographical background, entrepreneurial mission and motivation, at the end of the day, she is a successful ‘entrepreneur' as she is future-oriented, innovators, risk takers and good organizers.

Entrepreneurship today has become an important profession among the women of Bangladesh at various levels of the society, both in the urban and the rural areas. The reason for the interest varies according to the different classes of the society. Where women of the poorer sections of the society, especially of the rural areas, due to poverty, have been forced into off-house income through entrepreneurship for economic solvency, the women of the middle class families, who have always lived restricted lives, have today, ventured into this profession as a challenge and an adventure into a new world of economic activity. On the other hand, many women have taken up entrepreneurship and become businesswomen not necessarily to earn and survive and raise the living standards, but to form their careers and become...
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