Ford Motor Co

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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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* This Case Analysis will highlight the Ford Motor Company (FMC), one of the most documented corporations. Today, I will identify the firm's existing objectives and strategies, explain one strategy that the company might use to take advantage of an external opportunity, and one strategy that the company might use to address a potential threat. I will also construct a Competitive Profile Matrix, research one or two of its major competitors and at least six (6) success factors that you believe to be critical to success in this industry. Finally, I am going to construct an External Factor Evaluation Matrix.

Ford Motor Company is one of the world’s top corporations offering many global brands of automobiles. Ford saw sales decline to 23.4 percent a couple of years ago in sales and several other auto corporations filing bankruptcy while requesting a bailout from the government. Ford took advantage of the opportunity by cutting costs, trimming unprofitable models, and closing down vehicle assembly plants all while taking no assistance from the government. On the other hand there are situations that can threaten this household name. European and Asian doubts about carmaker’s ability to take on Toyota and to produce automobiles that are as reliable as their European counterparts. Iraq launches boycott against anything “Made in the USA.” Automakers reliance on Obama Administration’s approval for ejection mitigation and the impact of using that technology in the European markets. These opportunities and threats I just mentioned Identify the firm's existing objectives and strategies. Ford Motors has achieved its globalization strategy largely through horizontal integration via acquisitions and forward integration, their competitive strategy differs as per competitor/strategic group, their objective is to satisfy their global customer needs irrespective of the consumer segment. Their initial objective was...
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