For the Anniversary of My Death Analyze

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  • Published : April 7, 2011
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For the Anniversary of My Death (1967)

W.S. Mervin

1. After reading the poem loud and trying pausing for a fraction of second at the end of every line although there is no punctuation at the end, I see that it makes more senses and evokes emotions, which helps me be able to understand the feeling of the speaker about mourning himself upon his death. When pausing at every line, it creates a feeling of sorry and sorrows like as the speaker is sighing and thinking of the life he had gone by.

2. In the first stanza, the poet describes what occurs annually when he's alive. A presence of eternity is also presented in the first section, which supported by line number 4 and 5: "Tireless traveler/ Like a beam of lightless star." In addition, he envisions his death through the first two lines: "Every year without knowing it I have passed the day/ When the last fires will wave to me."

In the second stanza, he mentions how he will be after he dies. He recalls what he lost when he dies in the line 9 and 10: "And the love of one woman/ And the shamelessness of men." In this section, he uses rain as the metaphor for his life. When the rain is stop, it predicts that his death is coming up. Moreover, in the last line, "And bowing not knowing to what" maybe refers to the afterlife, which he has never known.
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