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Topics: Hearing impairment, Deaf culture, Models of deafness Pages: 4 (1587 words) Published: November 10, 2010
1. What do you think of speech reading or lip reading? What are your thoughts on this topic? Do all deaf people know how?I think that speech or lip reading is something that should never be expected out of anyone, deaf or hearing. I do not think that a person’s mouth can be understood without sound coming out of it. There are too many different ways of saying things; lip shapes are different; lip movements are different; people enunciate words differently therefore causing different facial movements. I would personally never approach someone with the question of “Can you read my lips?” Deaf people are not lip readers but some could be considered as speech readers, that of which they are looking at all facial expressions and body movements such as shrugs and posture, as well as a speaker’s surroundings. In general, deaf people really do not like the idea of having to read someone’s speech or lips. At best, they would prefer you to get out a pen and piece of paper.The whole visual of being approached by someone screaming at you and asking you if you can read lips is just not appealing in my opinion.2. Relationships between speech pathologist and deaf people, explain about how they are with each other. Is it beneficial?There is a long-standing love-hate relationship between deaf people and numerous members of the medical profession.After a person has been diagnosed as being deaf, a speech pathologists has the task of molding the speech of the deaf children to somewhat “normal” speech of hearing people. They drill their clients with all of the speech forms of hearing people. Deaf are seen as defective and need to be fixed. Some clients appreciate their speech pathologists while others see them as demanding but fair; resent them because the speech training is grueling work; or see them as brutal, insensitive, and demeaning. Some deaf children do benefit from speech therapy and develop good speech skills to use in everyday life but a lot of deaf children put through...
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