For and Against School Uniform

Topics: High school, Dress code, Middle school Pages: 6 (2381 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Does the old adage "clothes make the man" apply to students in the school setting? Can the way students dress have an impact on such things as school climate and safety, academic success, and behavior? Some administrators think so and tighten up student dress codes or begin requiring students to wear uniforms as a way of reducing the risk of violence and creating a positive, productive learning environment. Nowadays, fashion is a popular issue, but it leads to many complex problems in our society. Most people tend to express themselves by what they wear. They wear different clothes beginning from the ‘strange’ clothes to the vulgar ones. This tendency is practiced by young people by wearing many creative clothes, however, their choices are sometimes inappropriate. From the one hand, it is good when kids express their individuality through their clothes, however, from the other hand, when kids are in school, they should not show how big their wardrobes are, but how big is their knowledge. School is a place where kids come to learn, in the first place. Moreover, according to psychologists, short skirts which are worn by girls at school are destructing school boys’ attention and concentration on educational process. Furthermore, during the transitional age – from 11 to 19 - many kids start to separate themselves into groups by appearance and style - some kids wear only fashionable clothing, some wear famous brands, some prefer cheaper clothing. This also is a problem, because it not only stops the educational process, but creates relational problems among kids. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the number of public schools shows that the popularity of school uniforms has been increased in the last 10 years. In 1999, twelve percent of public schools had a uniform but in 2008, eighteen percent adopted a uniform for students. The NCES considers school uniforms to be an "indicator of school crime and safety," and safety is one of the top advantages of school uniforms. Therefore, school officials should consider school uniform regulations to be one of the most important parts of education. Wearing uniforms in school will bring a lot of potential benefits to students, for example, enhancing the learning environment, promoting school safety and saving parents’ money.

Because of the school uniform implementation, kids are better able to focus on learning than on what their friends or they themselves are wearing. In our modern world, kids have become much more concerned with their clothes. This simply reflects our modern values and the interest of adults in clothes. However, children can become much more obsessed with clothing even without some of the moderating influences that come with age and experience. Kids that come to school in unfashionable clothes can be teased or even bullied. With the implementation of school uniform, they will have more opportunities to develop themselves with academic progress because the priority of fashion standards will be gone. Assistant Director of elementary school operations, Frankie Batts, said, “ Instead of worrying about their clothes or what everyone else is wearing, kids focus on math and reading,” (Richardson, 1995). Some say that a child in a school uniform is more likely to take school seriously. A high-school student dresses to school just like dad or mom dresses up to go to work. Schools report that when students dress in "work clothes" rather than "play clothes", they take a more serious approach to their studies. According to the Chairman and Executive Officer of Aspen Institute and CNN Walter Isaacson twenty-five percent of the nation’s public elementary, middle, and junior high schools have successfully implemented a school uniform policy. This event greatly benefits both the students and faculty by creating an atmosphere in which the students are able to get the most out of their education. The issue of mandatory uniforms in the public schools...
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