Food Wasting Problem in Hk

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Essay title: Food Wasting Problem in Hong Kong

Topic: Food Wasting Problem in Hong Kong

Although the world is now facing problem of food shortage, Hong Kong still wastes 2.12 million tons of foods every year. To abate the seriousness of problem of food wasting, Hong Kong people should change their careless attitude to food and the mind of traditional conspicuous consumption. As Hong Kong Government becomes the pioneer to contribute facilities to control the food wasting problem, Hong Kong people should cooperate with the government. Be a responsible terrestrial, love the foods which are provided by environment and preserve the dwindling resources on mother earth.

Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise, but also a wasteful city in the world. As the world is now facing problem of food shortage, this tiny paradise still waste million tons of foods every year which occupied one - third of solid trash in Hong Kong. Even Hong Kong is running out of landfill space, the problem of food wasting seems getting worse and this is hurting mother earth. Careless attitude to food and mind of traditional conspicuous consumption from Hong Kong people can help analyze the problem and as the proofs for this essay’s position. When Hong Kong International Airport becomes a pioneer to collect food wastes for composting to help the environment and Hong Kong Government is also trying to help, these are signs of encouraging citizens to cooperate and abate the seriousness of the food wasting problem. In the end, recommendations will be given to encourage people to value and cherish food more, suggest what they can do for help in daily life and what can Hong Kong government do more. Hong Kong is rich and prosperous, people who live in here can easily to have food and they have ability to enjoy better food. People’s expectations become harder to be satisfied which helps to create lots of bad habits. Green Power, a local non-government...
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