Food Stamps

Topics: Welfare, Unemployment, Grocery store Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: December 12, 2012
The Department of Welfare Cut
The national debt in our economy is at a tremendous amount of around 16 trillion dollars. There are many factors that increase the national debt and it would be useful to cut many programs, but the program I am choosing to cut is the Department of Welfare. Although, it would be nearly impossible to cut this program, it would be beneficial to the nation to put more rules and regulations on this department. In 2010 the government used 68 billion dollars alone on the welfare benefit food stamps and it was guaranteed that the cost would double or even triple in the next few years. Food stamps could be a very beneficial program for people that use it correctly. I work at a grocery store in my small community and I see people abuse it every day. Many users of food stamps come through my line buying very unnecessary items and many of them are dressed in designer clothes and they drive very expensive vehicles and others are too drugged out to even put their pin number in to buy their groceries. The majority of my rather small community uses these government handouts, so I can only imagine how much they are used in bigger communities. It would be very beneficial not for just our government and the national debt, but for the future of American citizens to make the regulations of food stamps much less lenient. The government should require each applicant of food stamps to take a monthly drug test and for the women they should require them to be on birth control when they are using this aid. It also states in the rules and regulations of welfare that each head of household has to form a household budget to show willingness to save. The government should inspect these budgets much more adequately than they do now. If the government just took a few more steps in monitoring this program I feel like it reduce a great amount of issues. It would be impossible to completely cut these funds, but it would be very beneficial to add more regulations to...
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