Food Security How Far India Has Achieved

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Food security is the condition in which everyone has access to efficient and affordable food, it can related on the concept of food security has undergone considerable changes in recent years. Food availability and stability were considered good measures of food security till seventies and achievements of self sufficiency was accorded high priority in the food policies of developing country . Through India was successful in achieving self- efficiency by increasing its food production and also improved its capacity to cope with year to year fluctuations in food productions chronic household food security the limitation is not food supply ,but the food distribution careful consideration of food security requires moving beyond food availability and reorganization the low incomes of the poor. India being such big country, the product ion is very high; India is exporting the food gratins. But is India totally food secured? Is there food security in India or not ? Are every people getting Food to eat after 61 years of independence?

Need for this study is
• Why India is not totally food secured? Even if it has lots of food production and it is exporting food grains. • This paper is to meet the fulfillment of the requirement of Economic (Hons) +3 3rd year seminar assignment.

• According to Rao, the decline in pre capita intake of cereals has been sharper in rural areas where improvements in rural infrastructure made of the food and non food items available in the rural household. • According to Mathura Swaminathan, Targeted public Distribution system has failed in the regional task that was performed by the relier PDS, namely transferring cereals from surplus to deficit region of the country”.

PDS system is not properly working in India. PDS is not doing in proper manner.

This study is based on achievement of food security in India. This study has the...
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