Food Insecurity

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Food Insecurity

Nutrition is important for healthy life. Many people are still hungry around the world even though there is mass production of food. This is because of unhealthy food production. In today’s world we see many obese people because of high intake of high fat and cholesterol containing food. It is important to have a healthy diet/ nutritional intake for individuals to have good foundation for physical and mental health. Now a day’s healthy food is getting more expensive rather than unhealthy food. Poor people are forced to eat unhealthy food, while the rich can afford to eat whatever the please. Food insecurity is caused by individuals not having healthy food for their families due to their low income or political and economic condition of the country.

In low economic country food insecurity affect the children’s development in many ways. For example: school attendance, social skill, and intellectual development. Under developed children create a stressful atmosphere in their families. Because of low income, parents cannot provide healthy food so they are force their children to leave school and get a job for extra income to get proper meals for the family. Lack of education and knowledge cause families and their children to have hard time during their life. Just to have two meals a day. According to Belachew et al. in Nutrition Journal, “significantly 33.0 % food insecure adolescent were absent from school compared with their food secure every year 17.8 %. Food insecurity is a situation that exists when all people, at all times, do not have physical, social, and economical access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life”(2). This ratio shows that many children are struggling from food insecurity which affects their development or learning ability.

Food insecurity take place where there is over population in one area. Over population causes the scarcity of...
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