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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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The Culinary Arts

Cooking and preparations have always been an extremely important part of the culinary process. Imagine having to eat everything raw! Without cooking, we would not be able to enjoy some of the scrumptious foods that tantalize our palettes. The culinary are in a famous five star restaurant is a skilful art from that is a worthy career choice. It is extremely difficult to be a chef in a famous restaurant in places such as Paris and New York, but if you can pull it off, you can be recognized by your signature dish. However, not everyone can be a famous cook in an amazing restaurant; some people have to start with the basics; an oven mitt, microwaveable dinners, and a fire extinguisher.

Cooking has been around for many centuries, but it was not considered, or even close to an art form back then. For the ancient civilizations, cooking was a way to satisfy their hunger without getting sick from eating raw meat for every meal. Nowadays, cooking is an elegant art form which consists of many different techniques and recipes, from all the different ethnic cultures around the world. Society has greatly improved on the primitive methods of the ancient civilizations; we have developed sophisticated methods to make our food taste better and more flavourful than a piece of meat on a stick that is half burnt.

Even though the “culinary arts” have not always been around cooking has. Before, people thought cooking their meat was the only way to get their food but now we have fast food. Most people think that the people who actually cook their own meals are crazy, why waste time when you can pay ten dollars and get food from any fast food restaurant. One of the main reasons that fast food is becoming one of the main source of food for people is that it is fast. People now days do not have patience to wait for their food to be made. They simply want to eat right away.
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