Fly-Learning to Ride a Bike

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Riding your bike is a thrill, well; if you like you ride your bike fast, down hills, or do stunts, like I do. But, the most important thing about biking is bravery, courage, and safety. You need to be as brave as a knight fighting a dragon, and as safe as a soldier in the army. You always have to lookout for pedestrians, cars, and other obstacles. The first thing you need to do when you get a bike is check the brakes, pedals, and tighten everything. Imagine this; if you’re going down a hill, and all of a sudden a lady pops up, what are you going to do, hit the pole that is next to her, hit her, or jump off? Well, if the brakes worked, you would be able to stop, and if not stop, at least slow down enough to be able to hit the pole without damaging the pole, your bike, or you. What if, you’re going really fast and all of a sudden the back tire pops, this wouldn’t have happened if you blew up your tires. Imagine that you’re going fast, and all of a sudden, you are about to hit a wall, you put your feet on the ground, and you hit your brakes, but you crash into a tree, and you get a concussion. This wouldn’t have happened if you were safe, and wore your helmet. Now, what we are going to show you is the worth scenario of biking history, the second you buy your new Mongoose bike, you decide to have fun with the authority. You cause havoc around the town, and the cops are after you. You’re not wearing a helmet; you haven’t checked your tires, or your brakes. You’re going down an alleyway that leads to a fence, you hop off your bike, and you climb the short fence, then you bring your bike over and keep going. You see the police cars behind you, the officers hop out their noisy Fords and start running after you. You’re headed for the pier, and as soon as you’re getting to the pier, a cop pops out in front of you. You barely dodge the man and keep riding. You get to the pier, and you notice that they have lost you. You now sit down to rest, but then you see police...
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