Fluidity in Brazil

Topics: Brazil, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Pages: 18 (3589 words) Published: March 5, 2013
International Studies Department, Far Eastern University Manila

Fluidity in Brazil: The History of Migrants

Jemicah M. Joya

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Prof. Fe. Atanacio

Fluidity in Brazil: The History of Migrants


I. Introduction
1. History
2. Geography
3. Population

II. Statement of the Problem
1. Objectives of the Study
2. Scope of Limitations

III. Body/Discussion
1. Population of Brazil Nationality & Ethnicity • Table/Chart

IV. Conclusion

V. Bibliography/References

AB in International StudiesJemicah M. Joya

Fluidity in Brazil: The History of Migrants

Statement of the Topic:

As the culture of the United States of America is widely spread and been colonize by other country it is therefore clear that I’m interested how US still dominate their beliefs and culture on their country even though there are colonizers who wants to have the opportunity to enter the state.

The presentation I’ve working on is how I’ve been interested in the development of the race in Brazilian Stage and wanting to know how Pedro Cabral studied and developed the commitment of his colonization in the Latin America and how Portuguese colonizers continued to developed this traces. Specifically, I would like to study the progress of the Brazil migrants as it was already considered in earlier times. They are only accepted almost through their political and geographical thoughts as some claimed that the Latin part of America was a part of the Negrito culture and society.

This focuses on the way how Portuguese, Europeans, Brazilian-Americans effect on the migration percentage of the Brazil’s culture and what causes it to still remain a Brazilian immigrant though there are such circumstance that hinder the aspect of being on that citizenship.

I. Introduction

The topic discusses about a country which locates in Latin part of America, which is Brazil that identifies the different nationality of migrants throughout the country’s importance of the people on development. It also has an objective that will give us knowledge and learnings to share the lesson and give us realization of what similar aspects of immigrants have contributed and what Brazilians inherited to them.

The study covers the important detail on the Brazils history of migrants through their lives, how it was started and why their country developed easily. This paper shows proof of the civilization period as they’ve encountered from the past until the present time. The lesson given will be a capability of thought in every word that gives learning and fact about the paper. These gives a specific thought composes of its history, geography, population and ethnicity as civilization occurred in spite of failures happened in the past era.

Therefore the purpose of this study is to orient us how this country become successful in the view of a new learning and how people would easily understand what the message emphasizes.

As the history of Brazil starts with the involved of Indigenous People of America, a thousand years ago crossing to the bridge of Alaska and moving to the South. Into this, as the history started it was Pedro Cabral, the First European settler arrive in the area and began the colonial period in 1500, In this colonization happened, there were Portuguese reportedly found native Indians numbering around seven million. In the colonization that began it merely identifies that most tribes were peripatetic, with only limited agriculture and temporary dwellings; cultural life appears to have been richly developed, although both tribal warfare and cannibalism were ubiquitous. Therefore few remaining traces of Brazil's Indian tribes reveal little of...
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