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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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ASSIGNMENT – 301 The creative design process for florists

TASK A Investigate the creative design process

|Date Set: |Submission Date: | | | |TASK BRIEF | |You are required to complete an exploratory research project that evidences your understanding of how the following sources of | |inspiration can be used to inspire creativity and original design solutions within a floristry context: Culture, Emotion, Technique | |and Botany. | | | |In addition, you must demonstrate your ability to interpret a simple design schema and distinguish between: Order categories | |(symmetry/asymmetry); Arrangement styles (decorative/form-linear/vegetative); Line arrangements (Radial/Parallel) and Flower Placements| |(lines/groups/patterns). | | | |You are encouraged to adopt a high degree of personal exploration and creativity. | | | |The completed project should be suitably presented | | | |For your research project, select one research topic of either a specific era in history or a diverse group, e.g The Victorian Era or | |Hindu culture. | | | |Through the creation of a mood board/ boards, show how the 4 inspirational sources: Culture, Emotion, Techniques and Botany inspire | |creativity to enable the design of suitable floral arrangments and designs to satisfy a stated event for your selected research topic, | |e.g. A wedding taking place in a Victorian venue or a Hindu wedding. | |Your mood boards should be well presented and include pictures, photographs, drawings, samples etc. of both floral and non floral | |items. You must also provide written narratives to evidence your research and explain the appropriate connections to your chosen topic.| | | |You are required to provide viable design options to satisfy your stated researched topic. | |Each design must be correctly labelled and have a clear sketch and key. | | | |You are then required to demonstrate your ability to interpret a Simple Design Schema....
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