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Topics: Mobile phone, Service, Service system Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: April 16, 2012
To make a CDMA cell phone work with a different carrier the PRL file must be replaced. Generally there are 3 steps to this process. 1. Read or Know SPC: This is the service provider lock code put on the phone. Verizon SPC is almost always 000000. (Not locked) Sometimes Cricket are 333333. But if neither of these SPC’s are correct you will need to use a program to read the SPC. I have included SPC readers in the folder for each different brand. If you cannot figure out how to read SPC from any phone please search Google for “Read MODEL SPC” “Unlock MODEL SPC” or “MODEL SPC memory” This should give you information on how to read the SPC for the phone you need to reprogram. 2. Unlock Phone: When it comes to CDMA phones unlocking means changing 6 digit SPC to 000000. So, once you know your phones SPC you need to read it with software that usually prompts for the SPC. If you are reprogramming a Samsung, Sanyo, Kyocera, BlackBerry, LG, or Audiovox phone you can usually unlock the phone with QPST. Once you enter the SPC and read the phone click on Main tab or Security tab and look for the SPC in QPST. Change it to 6 0’s and write to phone. For Motorola phones just read seem 055 with included SPC Reader. Change to 6 0’s and write seem to phone. Then it will be unlocked and accept over the air programming from the new service provider. 3. Write SPC to phone: You can get PRL files for most carriers here: http://www.corolada.com/prl If you are reprogramming a Samsung, Sanyo, Kyocera, BlackBerry, LG, or Audiovox phone you can usually write the PRL with QPST. Click on the ROAM tab. Open the PRL file that you downloaded. Then Write to phone. Once the PRL is written to the phone you should be able to dial 611 or *228 on the phone and connect to the new service providers customer service department. The phone is then ready to be activated and will work for calls and text messaging! Wap settings can also be changed for many phones to enable internet
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